Who is leading this?

Each wall that we have built has to come down in its own fashion. While there are some basic things we need to do, we mostly need to be open to the Holy Spirit to lead us each time.

day 8

When we cross paths with people, each situation is as unique as the person. So, the results of the interaction are similarly unique. There is no magic formula, perfect response, or 12 steps we must follow in order to make things better. There are things we can do, however, and as long as we allow the Holy Spirit to lead us we can be sure we are doing what is necessary.

After you have poured your heart out to God, you can forgive the person, bless the person, speak truth in love, ask God for the grace to love the person, repent of our own sins in the situation, and choose to engage with life. It depends on where you are, who you are, and what you are facing as to what you need to do right now. I know that sounds so trite, but it is the truth.

In The Wall Around Your Heart, Mary Demuth uses the Lord’s Prayer to take us through steps to healing. In Who’s Pushing Your Buttons?, Dr. Townsend uses different approaches in dealing with people. Most times what they say go hand in hand. They are both offering up information, help, and guidance to those of us who need it, and I for one am so grateful for their offering. But we still have to be led by the Holy Spirit as we begin to act and live out what we have learned. That is the way of it.

So, the question really should be not what do we do next, but how do we go about doing some of these things in order to heal a relationship? In order for us to be healed? In the next few days I hope to share different things I have learned about taking down walls, but please remember that in all we do we must follow the Lord’s leading. It’s the only true way to live peacefully in this world.
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