Ultimately you have a choice to make every day.

Every day we wake up we have a choice to make. How will we live it? What will influence our decisions? Where will our focus be? What I want for you more than anything is that you choose life. Choose to follow God. Choose to live out loud. Choose to protect your heart. Choose to learn what you can. Choose to protect yourself.

But I am fully aware that we have a tendency to think we don't have to make those choices.

We think life is ours for the taking, and all good things will come to us. We think we live right and good and therefore everything will be fine. The sun comes up and we don't even think about it.

But we should.

Life will not always be safe, or how we think it should be. There is no promise to prosperity regardless of how hard you work. There is no sure fire way to make things work the way you want them to. Good and bad happen to us all. So, what do we do?

Choose life.

Learn how to cope with hard situations before the hard situations come. Set up your savings account and build it so that when money gets tight you still have resources. Obey God so no matter what happens you know you are right with Him. Learn scripture which bring hope to your heart when the circumstances do not. Know how much God loves you so you can count on that when someone else rejects you. And learn how to protect yourself when someone challenges your physical safety. And teach others how to do these things as well.

Oh, how I wish I could tell you that life will be peaches and cream all the time. But we all know it wont, and we will have different hardships and situations to go through. But we can prepare by gaining information, learning from those ahead of us, and trusting God now so we trust Him after.

But it's a choice we have to make. Right now. Before the beautiful blue sky starts falling. And I hope you will choose life.


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