The Wall Around Your Heart

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Today Mary Demuth's book is ready to go home with you. If you pre-ordered you should receive it soon, and if you didn't you can order it now and have little to no waiting time! This book has been important in my learning about some walls in my life, but her path through the Lord's Prayer has helped me in bringing those walls down as well. If you are considering buying this book I highly recommend it, but here is some more information that might sway you if you are still on the fence.

No matter how someone else has injured you – betrayal, abuse, abandonment, manipulation, neglect, physical harm, exploitation – The Wall Around Your Heart will be a balm of healing, because no injury is too great for Jesus to mend. If you are drowning in pain or bitterness or shock from a broken relationship, start on the first page of this book and set it down at the end healed. – Jen Hatmaker, author of 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess

The Body of Christ is beautiful, and I’m glad to limp along with them in this crazy journey of faith. Along the way, I sometimes step on someone’s toes, or someone steps on mine. Mary has written this guidebook to help successfully navigate those seasons where I’m tempted to hold a grudge and give up on the Body of Christ. Using the Lord’s Prayer — each line — as a prompt, I’m reminded of God’s desire to heal and comfort me in each of my relationships; especially the ones in which I have been deeply hurt, and even broken.  – Deidra Riggs, writer,, managing editor,

How the book has and is affecting those who have read it: 31 Days of open hearted living

And finally a word from the author. (Please go watch the video!)

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  1. I am ordering her book today! Just last night I was reminded how important it is to live a life open-hearted. My body armor is so thick some days. I walk into certain situations and even though my clothing may have been well thought out and I have a smile on my face, the truth is the armor is sometimes STILL there. It is screaming "DON'T GET CLOSE TO ME because you may hurt me and I am so weary of being on the receiving end of all that...poop!" As Mary put it :).
    Then often have *I* been on the giving end? With cutting words, nasty judgement, and a critical eye? I am so grateful for His awesome, gentle forgiveness!
    Thanks for sharing. I hope many others get to buy this!

    1. I think you'll really like it. Most I learned for this series came from her book and "Who's Pushing Your Buttons?" by Dr. Townsend. They go together SO WELL also.


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