Some time for you and Jesus.

Today I don’t want to give you a lot to think about or read. I know Sundays are precious to many and horribly busy at the same time. But I am leaving you with a few quotes from The Wall Around Your Heart to consider. I hope you take some time today to be with Jesus and ask him to take down some walls, or make some doorways through the walls so you can start reaching out to other people.

“We live as if Jesus is smaller than the pain, which is why we no longer
trust Him to protect our hearts.”
“We have to take a moment
to go to a quiet place, settle our souls,
and ask Jesus to encourage us.”
“You have the power to change your response
if you lean on Jesus.”
“If you have a wall firmly built around your heart, ask Jesus, the great gateway,
to make a doorway through.”

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