Keep working on those walls.

We’ve been working the first half of this month to take down the walls  which shouldn’t be there. These are the walls which don’t protect, but isolate. They don’t keep us safe; instead they hurt us more. They are solid, thick, complete, high, and they end up leaving us small, alone, bitter, angry, and unforgiving. These are the walls which need to come down because God has made us for community, and when we aren’t in community we are vulnerable.

I know it seems ironic. We have to open ourselves up to others, becoming vulnerable in one way, to keep ourselves from being vulnerable another way. Are you asking yourself how this is a situation you can win? I used to.

The thing is, there are different types of vulnerability. In order to stay clear of the dangerous vulnerability we must allow ourselves to be vulnerable in a safe way. There are people in this world we need to be connected to. These people will help create a safe place to live in community, open our hearts, and trust others. They aren’t perfect, but they are needed. As you learn to live in relationships built on dependency and trust, opening your heart to working through issues as they arrive, and loving through it all, you will be able handle difficult people better. You will also be able to become more who God wants you to be as well, because it is through love where we have the safety to recognize where we need to change.

 day 14

We are different things to different people. The person who was mean and petty to you can be amazing and sacrificial to another. We need to learn who is amazing, beautiful, and sacrificial for us and allow them in our hearts and lives to help us grow and be. We need to bring the walls down which are keeping these people out.

Yes, there is vulnerability in getting to know if someone is a person you can open up to and trust, but when you don't have community you are vulnerable to so much more. You need that crowd surrounding you cheering you on, lifting you up, and encouraging your heart. You need those people you can trust to speak truth in love, help you up when you fall, and hold you accountable. You need to be available to others in order to live safely in the world, and so we must take down the walls which are keeping us from going there. We must be amazing, beautiful, and sacrificial for others and we can’t be if we don’t let them be there for us.

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