Why I don't have a Facebook Page for my Blog.

So many people I know have Facebook Pages for their blogs. They are more comfortable keeping things separate and having a public space and retaining a private space as well. I totally understand this thinking, and I actually tried it for a time period last year. Here's a few of the reasons I quit the page and go only with my "private" Facebook.

1. With my dear Captain's idea of opsec, it doesn't matter if my space if private or public. He's very sincere in his desire that information which is private should stay private. Those who really know me know what school I went to, exactly where I live, and who all I am related to. He's happy with it staying that way. I work hard to keep within his request because it is important to him, therefore it is important to me. Sometimes I misstep, but I do try. This is why it doesn't matter if I have a private page.

2. I have had issues with conversations on other people's pages. Now, what this means is I had no idea anyone responded to me. I have had page owners reply to a comment and have even been personally tagged in a comment and not received notification about it. It made me sad when I realized they had in fact gone out of their way to do so, but was seemingly ignored by me because I never knew.

3. I'm not alerted when someone else comments on a page unless I am already friends with them. This makes conversation really hard to do because we can't respond to one another unless we happen to go back and check. (Similar to #2, but different.) This doesn't seem to be an issue with the private pages.

4. I never could get the hang of sharing through my page though I may not have fully understood how the pages worked when I had one. There are so many wonderful things I want to share with my friends and it was just so hard with my page. Don't get me wrong, there are days I share nothing, but I want the flexibility when I do. I think this is why some go to the public page only, because no one wants to be subbed to everything in both places just to share.

5. The private pages give the option for people to sub to our information, so if someone doesn't want to be "friends" but wants all the updates, shares, and links they are still available.

6. I simply didn't do well trying to maintain both my private page and a public blog page. I felt as if I was oversharing posting links on both pages, and I didn't want to overwhelm people so much they simply hid me. That would be opposite of the goal, right? So, instead of trying to get people to move to the public page, I simply just kept the private page going instead.

7. I got caught up in counting numbers when I had the public blog page. Now I just have friends, and honestly I like it a lot better that way.

Not every social media outlet works well for everyone, and we all have to figure out the best way to make it work for us. Facebook has actually become a type of hub for me where everything centers around (check out my new "about" page for more info there) but this is how I do it. Now, to figure out the best way to handle Twitter. And I have one friend who really promotes Google+, so I have no excuse as to why I haven't learned more about it yet.

(And if you are reading this in a reader or in your email know that I have a new look around these digs! I would love if you came and checked it out. The inside scoop on the changes will be forthcoming this week.)

I would love for you to join the conversation through 
Facebook, Twitter, my email, or in the comment section.


  1. (in a sing-songy voice) "I'm Stacey's friend! I'm Stacey's friend!" :)

    1. LOL You betcha!!
      (singing right back) "I'm Loretta's friend! I'm Loretta's friend!"

  2. Love your new look! And I love you ... on and off Facebook! =)

  3. I don't have a facebook page for my blog either. I do publish my blog on my facebook, so others can read it but it is not connected to my blog.
    I struggled with the 'public' part of my blog but my husband said to me "if you wrote a book would you know who bought it and who was reading it?" No of course not. So he said "why is your blog any different?" You really don't control it if you are a writer who wants exposure.
    I am cautious. Extremely non trusting of the 'big' world out there and don't want my information out there. There is a balance somewhere. Just not sure how to make that work.

  4. Oh yes, definitely a balance. And everyone does have to find their own to the whole dance as well. Keep searching and working through it and you'll find it.

  5. You know what? You just helped me finally decide to stop trying to build a page for my blog/The Tiara Project. I've waffled back and forth (I waffle well), but ultimately, it's not simplifying my life or helping. In fact, it's adding too much pressure and work. I already post most things publicly on my page anyway, and what I want for friends only, I post for friends only (family pics, etc.). So, there. Done. Thank you!

    1. I waffle well too! but I do it best with butter and syrup. ;) Truly, I'm glad this was able to help you. I know only having one facebook to deal with is HUGE for me. Your welcome! :D


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