The after shot of coffee cups.

Do you remember how I said my next project was this:next project

well, here is the after!!

Now, it's not that I just want to show my after off to you, I actually learned something doing this project. Or maybe relearned it. When I took all the cups off the shelves and onto the table it was fairly easy to know which ones would stay. I had really worked myself up about it, as had Captain to be quite honest. Well, as much as you can work yourself up about coffee cups. But we had procrastinated taking care of this declutter spot because it overwhelmed us, both logistically and emotionally. But when we actually dug in and did it we spent maybe 10 minutes each, and everything seemed to shout go or stay. So, if you have a project you are putting off, maybe it's not quite as bad as you think. (But even if it is, if you never get started on it, it will never get done!)

Now the sad news. I am out of regular coffee. Shocker, I know. I'm so thankful for the keurig this morning.


  1. We have a coffee area too in our looks much like your before pic!! I need to donate some mugs to Goodwill I think!! Haha! Great job!

    1. I took 3 paper grocery bags full to Goodwill!!! Crazy, but so nice now. :D Thanks


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