You will always need this kind of defense in the world.

The book of Ephesians is a great discourse on how we should live in this world. Paul speaks about who we are to become, unity with other believers from different backgrounds, unity in our every day life, and from where the power to live this way comes. I focused on the verses found in 6:10-18 for my recent belt test and thought I would share with you what I dug from those verses.

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In these verses at the end of Ephesians, Paul begins with the word “Finally” in verse 10. He is saying one last thing remains: to be strong in the Lord. It is God who prepares us, our way, our armor, and our future. We can be strong no matter what we face because we live in Him and He in us. The armor He has prepared for us is enough to help us do all the things He has called us to do, if we choose to use it.

Scripture reminds us we will all face battles with others, ourselves, and the spirits of the world. Satan is out to steal, kill, and destroy. If He can keep us from receiving salvation, which secures our eternal future, he certainly will, but he will also work hard against us after we have it. He will try to cause us to doubt, fear, fight with others, be prideful, and isolate ourselves. If he can do these things then he may not have our soul, but he does take away our influence. The armor of God is there to help us fight all temptations and get through all trials. With it we can stand against the devil, not fall to temptation, and live in unity.

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Each piece of armor serves distinct purposes.
  • The belt of Truth holds us together in God’s Word and who He created us to be.
  • The breastplate of righteousness encourages our heart because we know nothing we do will cause us to lose our acceptance by God, for nothing we did earned it.
  • The gospel of peace gives us calm within through peace which passes all understanding, and without by living in peace with others as much as is up to us.
  • The shield of Faith is our confidence in what God says so that the lies and doubts of and from others do not take hold of us.
  • The helmet of Salvation reminds us that while every outcome isn’t as we would want it, nothing can take us out of God’s hand or from His love.
  • And the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God, divides truth from lies both for us and others.

These verses end with a call to pray all the time with all sorts of prayers. This is a call to be connected with God and one another. There is no one who does not need the assistance which comes through prayer.

As important as I believe it is to learn self-defense in this world, it is even more important to learn how to wear and wield the armor of God. There is a chance we may never need to defend our lives on earth, but there is no chance of us not having to battle evil while on earth.


  1. oh my goodness . . . this is amazing. Chilling, compelling and convicting.

    Great job!
    I could easily see this spinning into a series.. have you thought of that?

    1. Actually I did an A-Z series last April on self-defense and I'm currently considering what to do with it next. Thanks!

  2. Excellent post, Stacey! It hits close to home. I would add this: if you suspect something is going on, or if someone outright expresses concerns, face it head on. Don't assume it couldn't possibly be true. Err on the side of safety... Thanks for this post.

    1. Yes, ignoring things does not make it go away.


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