The embers from the fire, and how it's being blown into more of a flame.

So, when my non-incident occurred a fire was lit under my feet. I pushed the fire, and blew on it a little, and out came my blog series on self-defense, but I had changed the fire a little to do that series. Well, maybe only a little. You see, the fire that lit inside me when I was driving home with tears down my face was that I didn't want anyone ever to have to not be able to drive home. I knew that many people don't have non-incidents. Many have incidents.

The New York Times reported in December, 2011:
Nearly one in five women surveyed said they had been raped or had experienced an attempted rape at some point, and one in four reported having been beaten by an intimate partner. One in six women have been stalked, according to the report.
They were quoting from a government report titled the National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence survey. But think about what it says for a moment. One in five women have been raped or experienced an attempted rape from someone they knew. Not in a year. Those women you love who are around you on a regular basis. Odds are 1 in 5 have had an incident in their life such as this. Sobering isn't it? And then there are those who have had a life time of this in being trafficked. It's heart breaking. And the victims aren't just females.

So, what can we do? What can I do? On the surface, not very much. I'm just a girl, wanting things to be different. And for a long time I would freeze when I thought about the battle that is out there, not even daring to talk about the embers of the fire. And then I saw the video of Jeanne and Melody speaking, where at the end they talk about human trafficking, and what Melody is doing. (You may have to register, but it and this video are free.) I didn't write Melody's words down, but what she said made such a difference for me. In summary, she stated that she was doing what she can to help the girls who have come out of the sex trade. She's encouraging them, and helping them in the ways she can. She doesn't help people escape from human trafficking because that's not what she can do, it's too dangerous. But there are others out there doing that. Her work is to help the girls not want to go back to it by giving them a legitimate way of making money, and helping them realize they are worth so much more than what they were led to believe.

And this is when it struck me. That fire that was lit so many months ago flared a little. The embers which secretly burned and I didn't speak about. What if we fought the battle on THIS SIDE of the war? What if we taught girls and boys their value, how to defend themselves, why it's important to do so, and how much they are truly loved? What if we gave them a reason to never ever believe the liars and thieves and cruel people who want to do nothing but use them?

Is it overwhelming? Yes! This battle is huge. But what if we all did what we could in our small little circle? Because even if a person doesn't fall prey to human trafficking, they may fall prey to evil people in their own lives.

So, this is my heart and my fire. And I don't know where it will go, or what all I can really do. But through this blog, my facebook page, and in my life as situations arise, my goal is to help us from falling victim as much as possible. My heart wants us to be stronger emotionally, spiritually, and physically. My goal is to look for ways to make that happen.


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