Sometimes it's more

When I woke him up he barely opened his eyes at first. I stood there looking at him expectantly, and when he remembered what I needed that morning he smiled. It was such a relief. Asking a favor, especially one which takes a person out of their normal routine, can be so difficult for me. His response helped me know that it was not a hardship, even if he was awake two hours early.

We climbed in the car and headed out to a nearby park. I liked my idea, but the carry through can be so hard sometimes. I told him I wanted him to have some creative license as well, after I told him how I envisioned things. I hoped he saw my belief in him and his ability. I hoped it would burrow deep in his heart because I knew he would do a good job. I wanted him to know it. I also told him I wished people weren't around, but the park was relatively quiet and we went to the area that didn't have a walking track near it. That helped.

We stayed within a smaller area than I thought we would, but different points of view gave different scenes, and that was the goal. Similar, but different. He took so many shots which allowed one good picture per item. I wanted to show scale. I wanted to allow people to see it worn. He did an awesome job helping me, encouraging me, and being there with me.


It's moments like these when relationships grow. When you think, this is my son of course we have a good relationship, but then you learn you can trust him in a new small way. With the camera, taking a picture, to help me out. And I was grateful I had the experience with him helping me. I'm grateful it was about more than just pictures.


  1. Aw, I love this... so sweet that you had that time...

    Also, those boots are SWEET!


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