Before and After (in words)

I'm not sure how to explain it, to be honest. Thursday I finished the book and felt like I was on a high when I accomplished the cleaning and decluttering for that day. I literally giggled whenever I would walk by a finished area. Friday I had help, finished everything else (pictures in the post below), and then hit a crash head on. I wasn't depressed, but I just didn't feel... right. I'm simply not sure what happened. But I have to be honest with you. All those before and after pictures: most of them were the easy way out. I still have:
  • a mantel chock full of items
  • dresses I will never wear again
  • an attic full of old school work
  • stacked yearbooks in my closet
Those are just off the top of my head. Items I skipped, chose to ignore, or simply put off until later. The thing is, I really do not want to procrastinate, but some of these things are WAY harder than I thought they would be. Way harder.

decision making skills

The baby items I had left over from the boys had been put in sweet heart shaped boxes I decorated, lined, and then stuck on my top shelf. I didn't look at them, at all. Then my mother decluttered and I got to own my OWN pair of baby shoes. I didn't want to pass the shoes on to the boys, because really they wont use them with their own children, so I tossed those items. I did keep the blankets I made for each, and their favorite small stuffed animal, put them in a space bag oldest left, and now that is on my top shelf. Much smaller, and will be handed down to be used. I got rid of my own baby shoes as well.

Oh, I still have all the board games too. I straightened them up and made them look neater, but I will either get youngest to go through them with me, or I will wait until next year after he leaves and go through them myself. And I'll wait to get rid of the school work in the attic then as well.

A lot of what I did was moving things around. I did get rid of quite a bit of stuff though, but maybe the reason for the crash is I don't feel like I got rid of that much. The bookshelves in the dining room are now in oldest's room. He had a shelving unit which is now in the garage where I put much of what was in the storage utility closet. I got rid of some of the extra towels I had, and several blankets which I had not used in so very long. I got rid of a lot of crafting items, or combined them, and those storage boxes are now holding oldest's items which will stay here until he returns.

Take the U out of Clutter

I think the idea behind the book is really good. Yes, there are areas that get cluttered and messy because I am lazy and procrastinate. Those are the easy things to take care of. The ones with stories really need more time, at least for me. But then, we already admitted I was the emotional one. If you have issues with clutter and know you need help tackling them, regardless of how small or big the issues and clutter seems, pick the book up. I got it at the library, so it doesn't have to cost you a thing.


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