To Infinity And Beyond!!!

For the past week and a half I have had the privilege of having a full house. Youngest is still here for another year, but oldest was in town, which meant his fiance was here too. They all went in and out, did their thing, ran their errands, ate dinner with us, and had a good time. I enjoyed the time immensely and got completely spoiled by the opening and closing of the door.

They all belong here and when they are here things seem more right. But they also belong to their own lives and I wouldn't take that away from them for the world. Now he is on the next leg of this grand adventure. I am excited for him, and thrilled at the opportunities he will face.


I'm a mommy. I will miss that boy. I will miss hugging him and seeing him in person. I am grateful to have amazing friends who remind me my feelings are okay, and normal. I'm grateful for friends who remind me God has a path laid out for all of us. And I have experienced old school deploy/stationing so I am grateful for the tweets, the texts, the facebook, and the skype which will make the communication nearly continuous.

In the next few days he will see a place he has never seen except in pictures. He will meet new people and see old friends. He will get situated and settled and we will get to hear all about it. And I can't wait. And if I get to feeling a little sad, or homesick for the old days, I will relax into God, lean into the feelings, and know that this is where he is supposed to be, and where I am supposed to be as well.

He's on to his next adventure, and we are cheering him on all the way!


  1. Praying for his next adventures (and yours) and cheering with you. What an awesome Mama you are friend. Hugs!

    1. Aw thanks. People keep saying that and I wonder if I am representing myself wrong. I appreciate all the prayers we can get! :D Thank you.


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