If this were your last day on earth...

See, the title of this post? That saying is frustrating me. You see, when people say that they want you to be brave, be kind, be strong, be bold, but the truth is if it WERE my last day on earth and everyone knew it the rules would be different.

I could say, "You are missing out. Please stop and pay attention to what you are doing," and people would hear because those with numbered last breaths seem wiser.

I could forgive completely and totally and bring boundaries down because I know no one has anymore time to hurt me. And with it being my last day they would be kinder.

I could do all sorts of fun and crazy things letting responsibilities go, because in all reality the responsibilities stopped when I found out it was my last day.

I could warn people of the dangers of their actions, of what they are losing, and what others "think" about them and not worry about their response or anger. It would be the truth, but I would not be around to help them walk through it, so I could just spew it out there and walk away. "In love", of course.

But this is not my last day on earth (that I know of, God willing). This is a regular day where I am surrounded by people making mistakes (including me), responsibilities which need to be fulfilled, gifts which need to be purchased, and people who I am in relationship with. This is a regular day where I am simply trying to support, encourage, and love those I can, and pray for those I am no longer connected with. This is a regular day where assumptions will be made, confusion will occur, and messy life will happen.

This is a regular day, not my last day on earth, and so I live as truly as I can knowing it could be my last day. And there is a difference.


  1. A very real difference indeed!

    1. Yes, Cheri helped me to see the reality/difference even more.

  2. If this were my last day, i would eat a lot more ice cream...


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