Dreams, Goals, and Clutter

I was glad to have the weekend to consider this chapter. It spoke about dreams and goals and things which hold you back. So many times the stuff we hold onto holds us back from moving forward into the life we imagine and envision for a multitude of reasons. Whether it's because we have a house full of clutter so we can't invite the neighbors over, or whether we simply need to release something in our heart before we can fully move forward, only we know what is holding us back, and only we know what it is holding us back from.

I have talked a bit about goals and dreams here. Often I get tripped up in where I should be, or what I ought to do. I've spoken about how sometimes I take the dreams of others as my own, and how that can never really work out. I have given up on ideas thinking they are impossible or too much for me. And sometimes I get lost in the small things forgetting what I had set out to do originally.

In answering the questions in the back of the chapter and really considering what I want for my goals and dreams and what is holding me back I was a bit surprised. You see, I want to write, but think I will never sell a book so why try? I want to crochet, but will never sell a thing so why pick up the yarn? I want to cook, but will never be a chef so why bother? And I would love to teach self-defense, but have you seen me in front of a crowd?

But then something struck me. I do write, but I put so much pressure on myself about having to have the perfect book idea that I never start. Why can't I write short stories, or vignettes, just because I like to write? And I love to crochet, and while I can't afford to do the Truth Wraps right now, there are things I can make anyway. And maybe if I make some small items I can do something with them. I never knew I would give away the Truth Wraps until I had them to give. And the cooking and self-defense? Well, that goes along with the crochet in a way. I like to do things for people, help people, and sometimes I have big grand ideas, when what I need to do is get a little smaller and simply work within my circle. The grand idea freezes me, and then I don't do anything.

So, I had to really sit and look at my goals, and then take a deeper look at my goals, and really consider what it is I really do want when you get to the core of things. What would I work towards, and not freeze me up? And I realized it wasn't selling a book, or forming a business, or opening a restaurant, or becoming a speaker but it is touching people's hearts and making a difference for someone. And it was the realization that the ones I want to make sure I help the most are those in my inner circle, and then I can move out from there if the opportunity arises.

Some of the clutter that kept me from moving forward is literal "in the house" clutter. Some of it is figurative "in my heart" clutter. Either way, I'm glad to know the direction I want to move now, fully and completely. The clutter will be taken care of, and it's who I am and who I love that matters the most.


  1. This is me. In my heart clutter. This is good and helpful to me. write on, friend.

    1. Thanks Shannon. I had to include heart clutter even though it wasn't really mentioned in the book, because I know for me so much of what holds me back is found there.


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