2 excuses covered

Not everything we clutter will fall under all the excuses, and we probably have some of our own as well which weren't listed. The last two excuses in the book are not ones which haunt me, but I wanted to quickly mention them, simply for sharing what is in the book.

"I can't pass up a sale! Look at all the money I'm saving."

While this is not a huge issue for me I do have to be careful. If I get something at a discounted price it THRILLS me. I'm talking I literally giggle and have been known to clap and do a little dance at the check out. But I'm pretty good about only buying what I need. I guess I learned this lesson from coupons. I could get a good deal from coupons but I would end up spending more and buying things I did not need. So, I stopped couponing. I do have to be careful though, because I could see how this excuse could be easily justified.

"This isn't clutter, it's a collection."

I probably came close to this excuse with my books. I mean, who can blame you for buying a good book? And when I went to Half Price, well, that was just better. (Almost the two excuses in one!) I had books everywhere before we moved, and as I have shared here before, I got rid of a lot of books after we moved here. I can honestly say there are times I still WANT to buy a book, but don't simply because I know it's not what I really need at that moment.

The authors go into these two excuses in much more detail than I have here, obviously, but I thought I would leave it for them to tell you. And, if you find you have your own unique excuse for holding onto different items in your house, their six step process will help you deal with those things as well.


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