Shoring up the foundation

It was interesting. I had been reading a friend's blog about "cleaning house", and I had been grateful that we had those bases covered. It wasn't that I thought I was better than her, it was that I thought we had simply been there done that. Then suddenly a moment appeared and I realized I needed to do just what she was doing. Well, maybe not just.

Isn't that the way of it though? We realize we are in dire straits and we want to find someone who has walked the path so that we can take the same steps they have. The problem is, we are all in a different place and so her steps would not work for me. At the very least she has 3 and I only have 1 still at home. So, what's a mom to do?

In this situation I knew exactly what I needed to do, I simply needed to do it. And friends, it was not easy. But a new schedule was developed, some new activities implemented, and we are still working through the new things and the attitudes about it all. No one likes hard. If we had our choice we would move through life ignoring the hard parts and just pretending it's all easy peasy. But that wont get us very far. Eventually we will have to deal with the stuff because it will keep us from moving forward. And the new schedule, new responsibilities, and new attitudes dealt with the stuff. All of our stuff.

You see, another person can be an inspiration, but you have to walk it out in your own life. The thing is, I'm pretty sure you already know what to do. Of course, if not get the help you need. But please, as I have always said about homeschooling curriculum, make the information you take in fit YOU. If you try to fit it things will unravel eventually.


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