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I used to think I took severe weather seriously. I had a tornado bag after all, and I kept getting Captain to clean the shelter out whenever the threat was possible. But after May 19/20, after seeing the destruction which can be caused by a tornado first hand, it seems I'm taking things a little more seriously.

This morning I spent time out in the garage moving things around, cleaning things out, and moving things into the shelter which I thought about after the fact last time. We may only get thunderstorms, but if a tornado occurs again I'm a little more ready this time.

I think there is a fear of "something happening" which is nearly debilitating. We get ourselves worked up and scared and the fear stops us in our tracks. After the tornado, after I had power/cable/water restored and life looked like it always had within our home, I stopped for a moment. I understood the desperation so many can feel even when everything is fine. My thoughts ran wild, "After everything is so destroyed you have to wonder why to keep going? Why take care of the floors if they will be gone? Why make the house neat and nice if a storm can take it away and turn it to splinters? Why bother?" These thoughts circled, and once upon a time I know they would have landed and stayed.

But then I watched what was happening where everything was destroyed and turned to splinters. The people stood up and declared they would not give up. The survivors said they would build again and start over. Those who lost everything stated without a doubt that going on was worth it, and we still have life to live.

And in that moment I realized living with fear is debilitating and false. It stops you because you are fearful. And then when you face the fear and realize life doesn't end at that point and we keep going.

So, I take care of this home because it was given to us as shelter and I want it comfortable for all who enter. I clean and make things neat because this is where our family and friends grow and love. I keep going because I have been given example after example of how to do so. I plan and prepare for the worst because it surely can happen, but I wont let that stop me living today.

I take severe weather a little more seriously than I used to, but the fear I once lived with is gone. And that, my friends, is huge.


  1. I know first had that "no fear" IS a big deal. So happy for you. :)

  2. "I think there is a fear of "something happening" which is nearly debilitating. We get ourselves worked up and scared and the fear stops us in our tracks."

    Those two sentences perfectly describe me after 9/11. I was devastated and could barely function. It was only God that could heal me of that fear and allow me to live life in joy again.

    I'm so happy you are not mired in fear!!!!

  3. Surviving seems to have given new passion and beauty to your writing, Stacey! Beautiful thoughtful post!

  4. I thought of all of you yesterday when we had a tornado warning in Ann Arbor. I've been here 13 years and that was the first time I ever went into the basement. My little dog Floyd and I sat together for about an hour until the warning was lifted. I realized how badly prepared we are. I'm glad you are beginning to feel more comfortable.

    1. Oh Donna, thank you for leaving a note. I'm so glad you were safe and hope that you do what you need to in order to be prepared at a level you feel comfortable with. ((hugs))


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