Dearest Friend,

Some days are hard. There is struggle and pain, hurt and anger. The disappointment engulfs you like a wave during high tide. Some days you wonder if any progress is being made whatsoever, or if you are simply slipping with the water. Being pulled in a direction you don't want to go. But you can't let go. You do have a choice. You must keep fighting for what you want because you simply can't give up.

This is what raising children is like some days. This is what being in a relationship with ANYONE is like on some days. Some relationships are ones that need to be let go of, but others you need to keep fighting for. Your children and your spouse and your self; never ever give up. They are too precious to let drown in the tide of life.

Yes, some days are hard, and some days lead into weeks and months, but I promise you: the fight is worth it. Don't give up, my dear. Just hold on tight and know that you will survive it and everyone will be better on the other side of it. If you just don't give up.



  1. Oh thank you, Stacey.
    I needed this.
    Amen to all of it!
    I'm printing this.

  2. Been watching the news and pretty much lost all faith in humanity, so thank you for this. Needed to read an uplifting piece before going to bed. :)

    1. Oh the news. I have to be careful about how much I take in, but try to see the good when you do hear a story. They wont highlight it, but it's there.

  3. Beautiful, gentle reminder this morning. Thank you!


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