Coming Together

Have you ever sat and watched as ideas circled around your head and heart? Have you ever thought about something and then see it pop up in several places? Have you crossed paths with a new direction only to realize there is a crowd on the path walking with you? This is where I have been.

I wrote all of the posts you read this past week about a month ago. My heart was being turned and I knew it, and I was somewhat familiar with the direction I would be going in, but truth be told I was a little nervous about it. You see, this amazing blogosphere we all participate in had led me to believe my story wasn't really worth sharing.

YES! I know how crazy and insane that sounds considering what everyone out there says, but have you looked to see what they do?? They don't always share their stories. Instead they are sharing lists of this and that, or lessons from a situation, or something they want us to learn. Poems long and deep get passed around. Directions for how to have the perfect day are shared. Not someone's sweet morning as they looked out the window and saw a butterfly pass by. And so, that was what I tried to write as well.

Don't get me wrong, those posts are amazing and almost all of those blogs that write that way are quite popular with the readers. There is nothing WRONG with writing those posts, it's just that I got to the point where I felt if I couldn't teach something I shouldn't write anything. And honestly, I'm simply not that wise. I have been pretending to be, but really.... no.

So, I was heading back to where I began, struggling with getting there in the process, and still wondering how everything is going to sound and what it will look like (or what good it will do!) when I crossed paths with Ashleigh Baker's invitation to write like we used to. I promptly shared the link on facebook, and joined the group she started, and then the following day or two I wrote last Saturday's post.

Simple Stories. Sharing our days. That's what we used to do all the time. Next month is my 10 year anniversary of blogging, and I feel I am coming full circle with what I will be posting soon. Will I not share the list blogs? If I feel a list post rise up I will probably share it with you. But you will be getting more stories like we wrote a decade ago. I will share what I did at 2 o'clock on Thursday because it was a moment in my day, not because I can teach you anything with it.

Maybe this is my disclaimer. Maybe I'm writing this so you understand where I think I am going here at this blog. So you don't get caught be surprise when things change. Maybe I'm writing this to hold myself accountable when I come to the computer. Maybe I'm sharing this in case you feel led in the same direction and think you are all alone. There's a group of us headed there. Let's go together.


  1. I understand exactly. I had somehow gotten to feel if I couldn't write a deep spiritual truth from some everyday activity...a spiritual illumination while taking out the trash. I had been struggling when I came across Ashleigh's invitation and suddenly the light went on. :)I look forward to reading your simple stories.

  2. I'm with you! In a lot of ways ... that has always been the way I have blogged. This is the life I live and this is the story God placed in my heart. If I'm supposed to write (and I believe I am) ... my life is 99% of what you're going to get! And if spiritual application rises up ... so be it! But a lot of the time it is more a cry to say I feel lost and alone. I have been blessed to find a community that has been willing to step into my world and listen to my voice, remind me that they are here with me and we will find the way together!

    1. It is always such a blessing when people listen.

  3. i am so happy that you shared that link...i hadn't seen her blog before but after i read it all i could think was YES! AMEN! because really that's the kind of blog posts i enjoy creating and the ones i most enjoy reading.

    and as far as 'teaching' moments or sharing wisdom...well i think you do that without even trying. because when you think about, like with children (at least mine anyway), i would venture to guess that she has learned more from me by just seeing me and the way i live my life (for better or worse) than any 'lesson' i have sat down and tried to 'teach'. you know?

    so congrats on 10 years of blogging. really that's so awesome. thanks for sharing your stories, your wisdom, your fears. all of it. the world is a much better place for it. xoxo

    1. This is SO how you write!! I agree. I love your posts. :) (and thanks. you're too sweet.)


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