May 20, 2013

Baby M Blanket

Yes, I did say I made two baby blankets a while back, didn't I? Well, here is the second one I made for a different little boy who has since graced this world with his presence.


It's called the Baby M Blanket and the pattern is free on the Caron website and Ravelry as well. I love Ravelry because you can see all the different color combinations chosen by previous pattern users. I have to admit the colors of my blanket are not typical baby colors, but when it's a little boy apparently you can choose colors to cheer on a local sports team.

As I followed this pattern the changes I made were to use a bigger hook, and where I changed the colors. One thing that had me frogging most of the blanket was not paying attention to which row I was on. I lost 8 entire stitches and didn't notice it for 5 rows. The second time I worked it I did a better job at paying attention to how the row should end. I also continued the shell around the edges rather than a straight single crochet edge. It seemed to fit better for me at the moment.

One side note, I used a different yarn for this, which was thinner and slippy-er. I probably wont do that again. I'm more worried about the ends staying tucked, and this may be my own error, not due to the yarn, but it is something I have learned.
I adore making blankets for people, and when they are new people all the better. 


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