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There are many different opinions regarding carrying a weapon to defend yourself. Opinions are one thing, laws are another. If you decide to carry any sort of weapon, even pepper spray, please check the laws in your area and make sure it is legal to do so. In some states you may be breaking the law yourself by carrying the item, much less using it. Yes, even pepper spray. As much as I don't agree with the government taking away my ability to defend myself, it happens and so you we must be aware so we can make an intelligent decision.

When choosing what kind of weapon you want to carry I must say this first: carry nothing you are not sure you can use, otherwise it can be used against you. Some of the different types of weapons available are pepper spray (police grade perferable), pepper foggers, pepper foam, Tasers, edged weapons, stun guns, and firearms. All of these have pros and cons which need to be seriously weighed before carrying. All experts will have their choice of weapon and prefer some over others. You need to be aware of all of this in order to make the best decision for you.

Choosing to carry a weapon is a serious decision which should not be taken lightly. If you decide to do so my suggestion would be to get as much training using that weapon as possible. There is even a correct way to hold a knife while trying to defend yourself, and you should know things like this in order to use the weapon wisely. I will not give any advice on how to use any of these weapons, because I firmly believe information and instruction should come in a class or one on one setting from a professional.

If you choose not to carry a formal weapon be aware there are other things you can use. Sometimes we carry items we don't realize we can use as weapons: high heels, purses, keys, lollipops, and pens. Both of these last two, lollipops and pens, would be used in the same way pushing the straight point into a soft spot on the attacker.

Most importantly, get instruction, get technigue taught to you, and get used to using whatever you decide to use. Ignorantly carrying any type of weapon is only going to get you hurt.


  1. my husband (a cop) never carried a weapon when in the presence of me or the children. he always felt that it would increase the chance of a more serious situation.

    not crazy about weapons although we own them. with one exception would i carry one... i'm on the list when my neighbors house alarm goes off and when I drive up to her house i do bring a weapon, due to the isolation of the home and the fact that the sheriff's dept could take some time to respond.

    1. It's interesting how many different points of view there are, right? One self-defense class I took was led by a police office who did not wear his gun when he slept and showered. Other than that it was on his side. Unfortunately it always takes some time for the police to respond, as another police officer friend reminds me quite often. But I totally do understand people not wanting to use any sort of weapon, even a gun.

  2. I struggle with this one. Is it naive to simply be wise about where I am and who I am with and then trust my great big God? Asking honestly, because I really don't know...

    1. That's almost a theology question, but I can't be the one to answer it for you. Things happen in this world all the time, even to believers of God. I do not think anyone who isn't sure about carrying a weapon should, as I have said, because then it can be used against them. But if you are willing to use your hands and feet to defend yourself, a weapon would only be an extension of you in that moment. Did you read U?


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