V: Violent Indications

There are times we cross paths with someone who is not the ordinary criminal. This person is more like the monsters you hear told about in the mass murder stories. The psychopath you never want to meet, much less be on the radar of. In The Gift of Fear, Gavin DeBecker lists behaviors of a psychopath, and I felt it was important you were familiar with some of these. I pray you never meet someone who fits these qualities, but if you do I don’t want you to be unaware.
A psychopath: operates without a conscience; is glib and superficial; is egocentric and grandiose; lacks remorse or guilt; is deceitful and manipulative; behaves impulsively; is in need of excitement; lacks responsibility; and is emotionally shallow.
Pick his book up for a better explanation and more details to be wary of. Again, just because someone has one of these traits does not necessarily make them a psychopath, but these characteristics are definitely owned by psychopaths. Please, be safe not sorry.


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