U: "U" are worthy.

Imagine with me: You are walking down the street and someone jumps out from behind a car and grabs you from behind. He whispers in your ear that if you simply do what he says he will let you go once he’s done. What do you do?

Now, imagine you have a young child with you. Imagine he grabs the child and says if you just stay quiet he will return the child once he is done. What do you do now?


Too often our response is not the same in these two scenarios, but they should be. I know you. You would fight tooth and nail for that child, whether they were yours or not. You would hit, claw, scream, and keep anything from happening to them if at all possible. But too often, we fall into the freeze category when it is something that threatens us.

This is what I want you to know, and I am desperate to get you to understand this: you are worthy. You are worthy of being saved, of fighting for yourself, of not being attacked. I want you to know it is okay to fight just as hard for yourself as you would for someone else you love. I want you to know without a doubt you are worth the fight. Because you are.

And sometimes we are on our own, and those who would fight for us can’t. This is why you must know how to defend yourself, and be willing to defend yourself if the situation arises where you need to. You are worthy of being fought for.


  1. This has been such a powerful series, Stacey, but this one gets me in the gut! I'm planning to feature your series as a Friday Five link on my tiara site, if that's OK. Very important information here, but also moving. <3

    1. Oh yes! Thank you. I know your reach, and the more people who understand how important this is, because of how important they are, the better. Thank you!

  2. YEAH!! (with a fist pump!)

  3. That is a great way of looking at it. I can't imagine how I'd feel if I hadn't done what I could in this situation. Would I feel I had let myself down if I hadn't tried to save myself? I'm sure I'd feel guilty for not having thought I was worthy enough to fight for. Wouldn't want those regrets, on top of everything else.


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