R: Repetition

Very little can be learned the first time through and very few of us know all we need to know without some type of repetition. Whether it is picking the book up for the third time to gain more knowledge, or practicing the self-defense moves over and over until they are second nature, repetition is your friend.

I can’t stress this enough, because you can’t do something you don’t know, but the better you know something the more natural it feels. Habits are things we do in life to which we give little thought. In order to have these actions you are taking and changes you are making become habits, you need to repeat them over and over. Keep doing what needs to be done.

Reassess your situation on a quarterly basis to see what changes need to be made. Think about how you can make your life safer, and continue to do the things which will bring about the results you are wanting. Don’t do it once and think you know it. Don’t read it once and think you are done. The book list I shared was not extensive, but the material in each book was broad and covered so much information. I would be silly to think I know everything that was shared, and I would not be choosing wisely if I thought my security was taken care of at one time.

Our safety is a lifetime of learning and changing and growing so we can continually be safe regardless of our stage of life or what our daily schedule looks like. Repetition is a very important factor in keeping yourself safe.


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