Q: Questions to Ask Yourself

I’ve given you some challenges, and asked you to do your own research, but now I want you to ask yourself some questions. Along the line of knowing your predator, there are things which seem obvious so we don’t give a lot of thought to but if we did we would be safer. In Predators Gregory Cooper and Michael King give several lists which help you see things from a predator’s point of view. A few of these questions are:

question Do I keep my doors and windows locked?
Do I have a dog, alarm, or something that would make noise should an intruder attempt to enter my house?
Do I keep a phone near or on my person at all times?
Do I give the appearance that more than one person lives in my home, regardless of the truth?
Do I rearrange my schedule to make it difficult for a potential attacker to scout me?
Does my car door automatically lock, and when?

Some questions I have learned to answer the hard way:

Am I too trusting of strangers?
Is my willingness to help going to put me in jeopardy?
Am I careful where I park at stores?
Does my dislike of being rude give someone the upper hand?

I’m sure you can come up with some questions of your own which would help you look at your safety factors better. I challenge you not only to answer these questions, but take action if the answers show a weak point in your defense systems.


  1. Good questions to ask, for sure. But a little sad that we even have to worry about such things.

    1. Maybe, but there's not much we can do to change it.

  2. I can't tell you how many times I've leaned into a window of a car giving directions to someone who said they were lost in the old days.

    Now I would think twice even stopping to talk to someone who rolled up and tried to communicate with me if i was walking on the sidewalk and they were in a car. The heck with being polite like on your list.

    1. I have been trying out different comment types (mainly the google+ that is now available) and wasn't able to respond to this before. But yes, the way we interact with the world now is so different than before, for a variety of reasons. I think the main one is not that the world is worse, but we now know we aren't invulnerable. Thanks for commenting Jen!


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