O: Opportunities

There is no denying there are situations where a person has been stalked or chosen for a certain reason, but more often than not criminals choose their victims by pure opportunity. This is why doing the small things like locking doors is so important. You don’t want to "open a door" and give an attacker an opportunity he shouldn’t have.


While it makes crime seem more random, it really isn’t. Just as a stalker gets to know his victim over a long period of time, criminals can get to know you very quickly as well. They are reading our body language just like I suggested you read theirs. They know who is off, feeling weak, distracted, or vulnerable. What you want to do is leave little room for anyone to take advantage of you, and you don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you aren’t in control. These are the opportunities criminals are looking for.


  1. My post today is also on opportunities- but a completely different track! :) Crazy to think of all of the darkness in the world and how messed up people can become. Jesus come quickly!

    1. LOL Slightly different. :) We do become skewed. :(

  2. LOVE this, Stacey. SO very true. We are all looking for opportunities. Some good and some bad. The quote by JFK is one of my favorites.


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