I: Ignore the Idiots

In light of learning what is going on in your city, you make begin to question how smart it is to leave the house. You may start to see danger everywhere. You may start to manufacture fear where it is not truly needed. This is when you have to take a step back.

After my non-incident I was fearful to return to the store where it happened, and I was fearful to leave the house on my own. It didn’t take me long to figure out I couldn’t truly live this way. I had to go and run errands, and we have to go to work or visit friends and family, and we have to take risks every day. The important step is to evaluate the risk so that you live smart.

When you cross the street you don’t simply cross without looking, and neither can you always wait until the street is absolutely empty. You have to find a balance in order to move forward. The same is in life. There will be idiots in our life who want us to think they could be a danger, but they aren’t. We have to learn who is an idiot spewing threats, and who is not.

And I don’t mean individuals, but situations. The murder that happened two blocks over is an “idiot” if the situation was personal to the people involved. Nothing you can do will make you vulnerable to the murderer in this situation, unless you know them personally. But if someone broke into your neighbor’s garage during the day, that’s not an idiot because it leaves you vulnerable. In that situation you are going to make sure your doors are always locked and the garage door is closed.

Think of the stereotype of the construction worker cat-calling every girl who walks by. Is it annoying? Yes. Is it frustrating? You bet. Do you wish they would stop? I would. But are they truly a danger to you and those who walk by? No, not really. There are situations that happen which are like cat-calls to get your attention, but don’t truly pose any threat. Ignore those idiots and pay attention to the situations where you are really in danger.


  1. That's so true!
    And when in doubt call the police!
    True story.

    I went to visit my cousin a few years back. While we were having lunch and I noticed there were two men sitting two tables over paying way to much attention to what we were saying; creepy right?

    When we left the cafe they did too. Later as I was driving thru my cousins city streets I noticed a particular vehicle it seemed to always be in my rearview mirror. Then I for some reason remembered those guys.(that gut feeling kicked in) Got right on the phone and called my husband to find out what to do because it was them..

    Then the light went on for my cousin!

    She suspected her soon to be ex might be the one having her followed, but we weren't sure. We had the car checked they found a locator. Called the police. Her ex denied doing it. Talk about scary!

    Were these guys bad guys/ stalkers or were they private detectives?

    Finally they had to send a police detective to talk to her husband and he fessed up that it was all him, the locator and the two men (private detectives)

  2. So... after yesterday's comment I came home today to 2 neighbors talking in the street. Apparently last night the police had to be called for a suspicious man on a bike in our neighborhood. No one knows anything about him, so I'm going to assume he is NOT an idiot just running around. Thank you so much for these posts!

    1. No, that is NOT an idiot. I'm so glad you were made aware of what was going on!

  3. I understand this so well. I struggle with trust. Always have. Probably always will. I also battle anxiety. The day that it occurred to me that I had to trust untrustworthy people at every intersection almost grounded me. I understood why people wind up unable to leave their houses. And I prayed that God would deliver me from my fears. I don't want to be afraid of every stranger but I do want to be wise. Hard to find balance some days!

    1. And not everyone is untrustworthy. It IS a balance. ((hugs)) You don't want to create a fear within your life where you can't do anything, because that's not healthy. Only a small percentage of the public are people you need to be wary of, but you don't want to dismiss them. Being wary of everyone keeps you from being able to listen to that inner voice.


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