E: Exceptions

As we begin to go through this information you need to keep in mind there will always be an exception. As my taekwondo instructor says, "There will always be someone bigger, stronger, and faster than you." No matter what we learn we can still fall prey to a sick minded individual. No matter the precautions we take, someone may still be able to take advantage of us. No matter how hard we work to shore ourselves up emotionally, mentally, and physically we have days where we are weaker than others.

Do not attack yourself when these things happen. The fault is the heart of the attacker not you. You are the victim when this happens, and there is no blame to be placed anywhere near you. No matter the situation you were in, the choices you made, or what you did or did not do: the only one who is guilty is the attacker. It goes back to choice.

But this doesn’t mean we don’t do anything. We want to learn and grow as much as we can so that we can hope to avoid these situations and people. You are a blessed creature created by a loving God who wants the best for you. Let’s do what we can to work with Him rather than those who wish to harm us.


  1. Love that last line! Thanks for this!!

    1. I don't think people think of it that way sometimes, but we need to. I think it would cause us to fight harder.

  2. Being as mindful of our surroundings and the people around us. Great advice!

  3. Hey Stacey- I'm slogging my way through the A-Z list and am always happy to find another believer in the blogosphere! I can't remember if I posted here already or not...I lost my place in the list. I'm going to try to follow you through feedly, but I'm new to that reader and am still learning. Anyhoo...I hope to check back. Come visit me, if you'd like:
    from The Dugout


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