You don't have to do a thing

What am I supposed to do?

What is the will of God for me?
How do I do the things He wants me to?

What happens when I fail, again?
How can I make sure I am important?

I will be honest and say while I know the right answers with this topic; I don’t know that I have them down pat in my life. I still struggle with knowing it doesn’t matter what I do. I still raise my hackles when someone says I have a certain thing I am to do in this life. Not because I don’t believe I have good works to do, but because it is my nature to find my importance in those good works.
The culture we live in is one based on end results. What have we brought to the table? Because that decides where you sit at the table. Why should anyone consider me important? And maybe they shouldn’t. Maybe “they” is the reason I am struggling anyway.

We tell each other we shouldn’t worry about what other people think. We tell each other not to worry about the haters. We tell each other to live in a vulnerable way. But HOW?
The only way we can do those things is to realize that we are worthy, we are important, because we are. When Moses asked God to tell him who was sending him to Egypt so he could tell the Israelites who sent him, God said, “I am.” Have you ever considered that? He is the great I am. No one doubts that or questions it. But when we think of ourselves we look for something after that. “We are….” What? What are we? Because that’s what defines us? But does it?

Luke 15 4 6

I want to challenge your thinking as we finish this topic. It was so hard to write about being important for me. I’m still struggling with this, but I’m learning every day, and so are you. But I want to challenge you as we move forward to keep learning more about how important you are to God. Or rather, why you are important to God.
It’s not because of anything you have done, or will do. And you can’t mess it up with anything you have done, or will do. God loves you, searches for you, and thinks you are so incredibly important. To Him. And now you need to hold on to that truth when the doubts and fears push you out to the edge of the group as the lies make you think you aren’t worthy of belonging. You are important.


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