Wild on fire

Sometimes my heart feels as if it was struck by a match. Something happens and I feel the blaze begin to spread through my soul. What I want more than anything is to light other people up as well. I want them to understand, to get what I got, to know, and to change the way I changed. But I always always have to take a deep breath and remember that we are not all at the same place in life.

Recently the things that have lit me from within are varied and wide, but at the same time they all seem to be linked in some way. I just don't have the full picture yet. It's like putting a puzzle together without having a finished picture to look at. Crazy difficult.


So, what do we do when we feel like this, and don't know where we are going? I've said it before, and I have to keep telling myself all the time. Do the next thing. It may or may not fit in the puzzle, or it may need some rearranging to make it fit perfectly, but do the next thing that is in front of you and trust it will all work out in the end.

I hope you realize this is going to require letting go of how the final picture should look. It's going to require not jumping ahead and trying to make things happen. It's going to mean you take things one step at a time, as slowly or as quickly as they come to you. Which is why you have to listen to yourself, make the most of the opportunities you are given, and trust that you are going in the right direction.

You will make some unexpected turns. You will let go of some things along the way. You will pick up new things which make your picture amazing. Regardless of how on fire you feel, don't start running around like a crazy person. Trust me it wont get you anywhere. Allow that fire to feed you, light your way, and show you what to do. Trust that it is from the One who lit you to begin with, and He did so for a reason. Then hang on to Him as you work through the process.

No, we don't always know what the final outcome is going to be, but trust there is a reason you are burning.


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