Who are we?

I read this post on race and it really made me start thinking. Here is a sweet girl who is having a hard time (or did) claiming her heritage. It was literally where she came from and who she was but people scoffed and laughed at her making her feel like a liar. I loved that she shared her story with us on this topic.

I am pretty much a white girl from a large mix of heritages. Her words didn't make me think about my race, as much as who I claim to be and how people respond to that. No one has laughed at me when I tell them my father's side is Macedonian or my mother's side is English (when I summarize). No one thought I should be some other heritage than what I claimed. But when I claim other labels I worry about how people will respond.

When I claim I'm a Christian will they laugh in my face for the times I have fallen? Will they point out how impossible that thought is because I look nothing like my Savior?
When I claim I'm a writer do they scoff at the idea? Do they look at my words here and say they are nothing but drivel?
When I claim I'm a blogger do they question how many people read my blog, as if that is the measure of whether I blog or not?
When I claim I'm a creative do they say I don't have the right personality? Do they simply shake their heads and say it's not possible?
When I claim I'm an introvert do they say I'm lying to myself? Do they think I'm making excuses because I won't try?

When I claim to be a wife and a mother, do they only say if I try harder maybe I'll be a better one?

Somehow we have to set aside what others may or may not think whether they say it aloud or whisper behind our backs. Somehow we have to know who we are, and be sure of that. Somehow we have to believe in ourselves and fight for ourselves as much as Natalie said her grandmother would fight for her. Because what other people say we are or are not isn't necessarily the truth.

A friend wrote about dealing with labels put on us by others. She wrote how her heart hurt by labels people have placed on her little one, but how she is learning that the labels will come. So she is determined to teach her little girl how to deal with those labels.

I have learned a lot from these two posts that tackle the same coin. Who am I? What do I do when others don't agree? What do I do when people put their own labels on me?

Brenda brings her thoughts to a wonderful conclusion. We only allow God to be our label maker. He created us and is the only one who truly knows us. Natalie gives us the heart on which to stand. When we know who we are we don't let people take that knowledge away from us.

To accept who we are helps us to accept others more fully.


  1. Great post! It reminds me to remember that what others think of me is none of my business. I think that's the only way to push ahead and take risks, and grow as a person. Looking forward to your A-Z Challenge posts!


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