Too focused

As I drive by the turn I usually take my eye is drawn to the first house on the corner. Peripherally I see cars, and maybe people, but the white rocking chair is what has grabbed my attention and the only thing I will know about that moment.

I drive on taking the child to church, thinking about the groceries in the trunk, and contemplating the chair on their porch. It's a small porch, barely room for a person's feet while sitting, and I wonder if they ever sit. If they ever rock. Or if it's just decoration to make the house look pretty from the street.

I have my own furniture on my own porch which gets very little attention. The colder weather doesn't help, but even in the sun we rarely find ourselves out there. Oh, it's a dream, an idea, a hope, a thought... but rarely ever a reality. Why is that? Why do we do that? What makes us finally make the decision to make it real?

I don't know the answer, for I have yet to do it. So my furniture sits as the rocking chair does. Empty chairs, empty table, empty space. Gosh they make the house look warm and inviting from the street.

Can't you just see yourself, sitting with a drink? Conversing with the hubby or neighbor who dropped by? The kids running through the yard, laughter ringing from down the street, cars driving slowly and carefully through the neighborhood. I used to race friends around the street in eight grade. In sixth I rode my bike around the streets and roller skated down hills. We had a park right behind us where I spent the majority of my 4th grade year. And high school had a beach which often called my name.

Why can't we do it again? Why can't we take advantage of the opportunity to slow down and rest? To play and laugh? To race and run? I think we should. What can you do to make your space more inviting, so the call to be there is louder?

Twinkle lights? Candles? Drinks? Heaters? Let's do what we have to do to use the furniture and space we have been given. Don't let that back porch be empty. Don't let that rocker stand still.

Returning home after dropping off the child I didn't see the rocker as I passed by this time. I was focused with doing what needed to be done, putting those groceries away before the ice cream melted. I guess that's what often happens to my ideas of slowing down and enjoying. I get focused.

Let us live life a little more unfocused at times.


  1. You are so right...being a little more tuned into our surroundings is a very good thing!

    1. I wish I did it more! Working on it though.

  2. Love this. I'm already dreaming about my new back decks and patio and the furniture for them to be ENJOYED!!

    1. Good!! There's nothing like something new to make you appreciate it all. :D


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