Mom's don't get a day off?


This is what I have often thought. Mom's don't get days off. We still have to cook, clean, and take care of those around us. Sometimes I get grumpy about it. Sometimes I pout. I have thought I would never get one those days at home.

But guess what? I did. And I'm not gloating, I just wanted to share.

Hubby was home for the day. A normal Monday turned into something a little sparklier. It started the same, and held the same routines, but the sun shone a little brighter, even if the wind was cold. The house was quiet and still, for a house full of introverts will tend that way. Books were read, lunch was made, a truth card was designed, and there was peace.

Then they ran off to Bass Pro. Ammo and arrows will be looked at. Bows will be held, and guns admired. But I wont see any of that.

I was on the phone as they started the car and backed out of the drive way. I enjoyed the conversation, and finished my coffee. I emptied the dishwasher, because it did need to be done. The music played, the internet was read, and I was quiet.

The coffee was replaced with water and I sat staring out the back window as my neighborhood squirrel ran across the top of the fence. He stopped briefly and looked around before heading out of my line of sight.

I wanted to plan. I wanted to be productive. I thought I might read.
But I sat here, listened to the music, enjoying the sun, and relaxed.

And now they are home and I smile to hear their voices enter the house.
Supper is cooking, and chores are done.
Time is spent well.


And I realized what a wonderful day off I received.
Maybe your's is just waiting for you to stop and experience it as well.


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