Dearest Friend,

Are you struggling? Are coming to a point where you wonder if it is all worth it? Or do you feel as if you are in a gerbil toy running in circles but getting nowhere? I understand. I so understand.

There are always times in our life we feel what we are doing isn't making a difference. We feel stuck, and alone, and outside, and inches from nothingness. This is where we must remember, what we feel isn't always the truth.

I don't know the plan for you, or what is going on in your life, but what I do know, with assurance, is you are so loved, so important, and not forgotten. What I do know is that each and every thing you do makes a difference. Your choices define you to yourself. Your actions define you to others. Your life is a blooming path of progress that changes constantly, but you are not stuck in any way.

It's like driving in west Texas. Have you ever made that trek? If not, I'm sure you know of one that is similar. The scene doesn't change very much from one mile to another. If you fell asleep on one side of Abilene you might not know you passed it if you woke up on the other side. But this is only from a far perspective. This is only when you are looking for big changes, big differences.

Look smaller, my friend. Look at each day, and see that there are differences within it and reasons to keep going. See the beauty in each moment, and don't give up. Don't quit. Don't look back one day and wonder what would have happened if you had kept going.

God in His majesty and awesomeness is with you on this path you are on. He is walking beside you, and if you listen you will hear his voice encouraging you in the way to go. You will hear Him telling you to keep on. Listen to Him, my friend. No one could love you more.

So, if you are feeling stuck, remember you aren't. Remember Someone is with you. And remember that as you push through, and dig deep, you are getting there. You are.


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