Daring Greatly

Good morning friends. I finished Daring Greatly by Brene Brown quite a bit ago, but it is resonating in my heart and God is adding to it every day since then. I have no choice but to share some of the things I learned, and some of the ways it has changed me. I learned ever so much from this book. I'm working hard at taking what I have learned and applying it in how I deal with other people and myself. I would say she knows of what she speaks because of all the research she has done, but that's not what resonated with me. Instead it was the pull of my heart, the nod of my head, the tear in my eye, and the realization as I saw that what she spoke was truth. I had to face the fact I have done things wrong, I am still not doing everything right, but I am growing and learning.

My first reaction after reading this book was to see the harm in other people's actions. That was easy. What has been difficult is in the remembering that I read the book for MYSELF. I can only change me and there is plenty of work there to keep me busy. And so, I am learning to live more wholeheartedly.

Brene said the wholehearted:
  1. cultivate authenticity
  2. cultivate self-compassion
  3. cultivate a resilient spirit
  4. cultivate gratitude and joy
  5. cultivate intuition and trusting faith
  6. cultivate creativity
  7. cultivate play and rest
  8. cultivate calm and stillness
  9. cultivate meaningful work
  10. cultivate laughter, song, and dance
These are things I want to cultivate into my own life, along with weeding out some of the shame inducing behavior, the scarcity thoughts, and the belief that I am (or anyone is) unworthy.

There is no way I can sit here and share everything I grasped from the book, for I am still grasping much of it, but you will see the thoughts come through my writing more, I am sure. I'm hoping they will come through my actions as well as my words as I make the ideas part of who I am.


  1. Sounds wonderful..I read a wonderful book this past year as well....something that resonated with me VERY deeply: John Eldredge's book, Journey of Desire. I highly recommend it to you.

    1. I've added it to my booklist. Thanks so much for the suggestion Lorretta!


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