Choose joy

It's hard for me to remember
that it's my choice.
It's hard to keep in mind
I can make changes.
It's hard for me to focus
some days.
I know not everything I do in this life will bring joy,
but some of those are still necessary.
the dentist
the doctor
the hardships
the trials
cleaning the bathroom
ironing the laundry
What I have to remember is the joy can be found
in how I do them.
I don't always remember this.
I have sat at the computer
for hours
waiting for words
sinking deeper
looking for resolve
wondering how
when suddenly I realize
I always
the choice.
As long as I have it
shouldn't I take it?
And so, I will change how I do things
when I am missing the joy,
and when I can I will change what I do
to bring more joy.
And maybe I'll become a little more like Pollyanna,
in all her glory.


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