21 years ago two youngish people met at a previously determined place and previously determined time. They met with family and friends and two clergy to have the tag team wedding which would propel them into the future. That day a new family formed.

21 years ago.


We're legal babe.

  1. I love how you have accepted the pile of shoes at the dresser and don't say anything about it. Just typing that caused me to get up to straighten them up some, even if they stayed in the same area. I always wonder why the boys don't keep their shoes in the closet, but I guess it's simply my fault.
  2. I love how you fought so hard not to give up washing the dishes and ironing, because you knew how much I hated doing those things. But you released them because you know I hate you being in pain even more.
  3. I love how you allow me to fix things around the house instead of calling a plumber or garage door fixer. You know, I think that takes great bravery on your part.
  4. I love how you don't mind my hair all over the place, even though I shed more than a long haired cat. It makes me giggle that you take a little bit of me with you wherever you go. Maybe we should move the lint roller to the utility room? Thank you for being long suffering.
  5. I love how you pout when I do something and you think I have forgotten about you. I promise you, I will never ever do that.
  6. I love how you turn the lights off behind me. No, really, I do. It makes me giggle when I go right back in the room, but you never say anything about it. You just do it. That shows great patience.
  7. I love you for taking Cedar in. One phone call and you knew I was smitten and you agreed. The same with Chip as well. And Chico. I may have a problem.
  8. I love you for your desire to stay healthy and physically fit so we can live a long life together. I love that you didn't push me into the same, but encouraged me all the way.
  9. I love you for your daddyness. Truly, I would have smothered those boys something terrible, but you helped me let them have themselves and I thank you for that.
  10. I love your heart for your family. You have made choices you may not have made otherwise had you been on your own, and I thank you for your generosity and selflessness in those cases.
  11. I love you for how you encourage me to be me, do my thing, and try new things. You never think of the cost or time, and you never worry about what hardship it may bring to you. You are willing to do that to encourage my interests.
  12. I love you for never escalating an issue between us. I love that you put "us" first over "being right." I love that you are willing to discuss and understand, listen and speak, share and hear.
  13. I love that you don't let me slide by on things. You call me on the carpet when I need to think through my actions or words, and I'm sorry for the times I have behaved defensively when you did so.
  14. I love the way you trust God so completely. You have been an amazing example for our boys as a man who trusts, loves, and obeys God, through valleys and mountains.
  15. I love the way you share space and time with me. Whether it's over coffee, on the couch, or in a discussion you make room for my presence and heart.
  16. I love the way we try to out do each other. It makes me laugh to see who can say it last, do it first, or do it for. It makes me laugh, but in the way joy overflows from love.
  17. I love the way the house feels when we are all there together, even when we are doing our own thing. You have helped to create a loving, safe space which I am grateful to call home.
  18. I love the way you forgive and move on.
  19. I love the way you help me declutter when I get in one of my spurts, and deal with the clutter when I'm letting it build.
  20. I love the way you take care of the things you do around the house, with the car, at work, or in the yard in order to take care of me in the process.
  21. I love the way your hand fits in mine.
21 years. And they said we'd only last 6 months. We showed them!


  1. Ah, sooooo sweet and lovely!!!! Beautiful testimony!!!

  2. These were so touching. Number 4 struck a special chord because we have the same issue around here. The thing is, my husband usually does one remote hiking/camping trip by himself every year to grand canyon. At some point when he's settled in and has some time for contemplation, he alway does a search for one "terri hair". He told me he'd be so sad if he wasn't able to find one amidst his gear, but that's not likely to happen. haha

    1. LOL That is great. :D I love it. It's also nice to know I'm not the only one who does this!


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