That day... you know the one.

I hit it. I really don't like hitting it, but I'm not sure how to avoid it, actually. You know what I'm talking about, right? Here we all are, talking about resolutions, words, goals, and dreams. We've told a few people what our ideas are. I shared different aspects with different people, but each thing excited me and made me nervous at the same time. We get encouragement, and we get even more excited. And then comes the day....

Something doesn't go quite as we expected. Someone says something which isn't quite as encouraging as we hoped. We try to take a step and fail. Or maybe... maybe nothing tangible happens at all which we can point to and say "this" is to blame. Whatever causes it, our heart trembles a little and the doubts see the crack and swarm in as quick as they can.

And then I ended up on the couch, hair cascading over the edge, staring at Captain upside down as he flipped the channels on the television. The sun was beginning to set, but I had a little bit before supper needed to be started. As I laid there I doubted everything I had been hoping for. I doubted my ability. I doubted this was something I could do. I doubted this was something I should do. I cringed at what everyone else thought, and closed my eyes as I heard the echoes of their laughter across the miles. And I realized I had hit the wall and was starting to drown.


What do you do when you hit this place? Because, honestly, don't we all at some time or other? Or maybe over and over?! The panic sets in and we question everything we knew for sure beforehand. Our hearts fail us. How do you get out of the slump rather than slide further and further in?

I can tell you what I did this time. I got up and made supper, because it had to be made. But instead of walking around the kitchen, I hopped. Yes, my friends... I hopped. And I realized there is no way you could be "hopping mad." When you hop to get where you want to go you feel a little foolish, a little childish, and a little funny. And then making the sausage, potatoes, and baked beans was no longer a chore from my to do list, but it was something I enjoyed. Oh yes, Captain eyed me funny, but he's used to me doing odd things occasionally. The point was, I hopped my way out of the funk and back into hoping for the future. It didn't take too long before I could walk again without the funk surrounding me.

The truth of the matter is for me to carry out my big dreams God is going to HAVE to give me a hand. I can't do it by myself, and as excited and nervous as I am, that is the truth. Even the small day to day things I want to do or need to do to get further down the road will have to be handled by Him. I'm just going along for the ride, trying the hardest I can, grateful for Him to pick me up as I go along, and hoping that something like I am dreaming can actually happen.

And that? The hope I find in God for my future? That, my friend, is the best place to rest because the doubts can't shake that away. Regardless of where my future takes me, I will always be with God. And He smiles as I hop across the kitchen in order to regain my hope. And He's with me through this kind of day, and the good ones. And He's with you too.

I hope when you hit the wall, and come upon THAT day you will find something to help you out of the slump. Whatever it is. And if nothing else, the thought of me hopping in my kitchen should make you giggle at least a little!

love you friend!


  1. That is simply spectacular!!! I will have to keep that in reserves for when I hit the wall next. It is silly of us to think we won't hit it. Because we will. We are human and humans do that. The right thing to do is stock up on ideas to help us react to that wall once we have face-planted on it! ;)

    1. LOL Thanks! And you are right. When we know what helps us out of our funky moods then we can DO them when we need them, or even before to keep us from going threre!

  2. Oh, Stacey! I love this picture of you!!! And I get it- we do a similar thing- we play our Crazy Frog station on Pandora and DANCE ourselves silly!
    Thank you for sharing this as you are absolutely right- and I have been feeling this wall as well. It's only January 10th, for goodness sake!!! But what a great reminder- we so need Him!

    1. It's SO MUCH EASIER being silly when you have littles. Enjoy it and hold on to it! :)

  3. Oh Stacey... LOL Oh I was reading along, full of love and heartache for my darling friend who can't always see how awesome she is.... and then BUSTED OUT LAUGHING.

    I would have LOVE LOVE LOVED to see Captain's face!! LOL

    1. LOL Good! I wanted y'all to laugh. I certainly did. I love you friend!


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