Hold on tight.

If He truly loved me......

How would you finish that statement? I would have an easy life? I would have lots of friends? I would feel the love all the time? I would feel as if I belonged somewhere? It's easy to forget how much He loves us when we are basing it on how we feel in a moment.

Too often I have allowed my circumstances, or how other's treated me be the definition of how much God loved me. Unfortunately, I always saw things as fairly negative. Not really feeling as if I fit in I would think there was something wrong with me. If these people couldn't love me (as I needed) then how could God? After all, we were His hands and feet, right? If I didn't feel it from others, then He must not have felt it towards me. Yes, my logic was flawed, and my emotions controlled me, but it was where I was and it kept me from seeing how much God truly loved me.

As this year progresses I want us to be able to move out of our emotions and flawed logic and into the truth. We will look at how we can know God thinks we are important first, and move on from there. But this is my challenge to you right now.

Romans 8 37 39

In this very moment I have no idea how you are feeling about how God feels towards you. I want you to just let go of that feeling, even if it is a good one in this moment. We cannot define how God thinks of us by our feelings. We're too wishy-washy. Even the strongest among us will have a moment where they feel isolated and alone and on the edge. This is when we have to know the truth and hold onto it with all our might.

No matter the circumstances you find yourself in, or the emotions that are rolling through your heart, always remember that God loves you. Just accept it. Also know that nothing will separate you from that love. I want you to hold on to that fact as tightly as you hold on to the fact that 2+2=4. Know it, my dear, as well as you know your alphabet. We'll learn together how much He loves us, but never let go of the knowledge that He does indeed love you.


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