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I'm not sure when it started. I've always enjoyed movies. I have a tendency to step into them too much. Relate to the characters and want to become them in a sense. Or at least, their good qualities. I've never been much of a movie buff though. IMDB has been our friend in finding out who played what, and did you know that happened in this movie? But for me it was the stories. Always the stories. Christmas is no exception to that.

Captain and I have enjoyed our Christmas movies for a long time, though I can't tell you when it became a tradition. Don't most start that way? You don't even realize it. Things sneak up. Then all of a sudden you must do it or the season wont be the same. Such is the way these movies have become part of our holiday season over the past twenty years.


Christmas Vacation: because everyone goes a little crazy during the holidays. I think being able to watch someone else lose his mind helps us keep ours. We laugh when he falls from the roof, smile when the house finally lights up, and cry a little when the tree burns to the ground. This movie kicks off our Christmas season and is always watched the weekend after Thanksgiving. Or nearly always. It's a good reminder that all the tinsel and presents aren't what matters, but simply being together; as crazy as that might get.

Elf: because who doesn't need just a little more syrup on their spaghetti, or a hand in getting home? Truly, it's a wonderful way to bring some laughter into a time which can become chaotic if we let it. It's a sweet ending when the curmudgeon gains a little Christmas spirit and the family becomes united.

The Polar Express: because our lives should be filled with magic, and this season always seems to encompass so much of it. We didn't do Santa with the boys growing up, but this movie became a fast favorite when it came out. I think the beauty in the pictures, the lovely music, and the heart felt story of the magic of Christmas time simply grabbed our hearts and didn't let go.

The Muppet's Christmas Carol: because how can you get through a Christmas without the story of Scrooge? Growing up I loved George C. Scott's version, but there's something about Kermie and Gonzo's telling of the story that allows the lessons to be learned in a homey kind of way. This movie is always, or nearly always, watched Christmas Eve.

Because every year isn't the same as the year before sometimes the movies didn't always get watched at the same time, but it was simply sitting around, watching the movie, participating in the story with our hearts, and enjoying each other that we have loved so much. As oldest moved out this past year I purchased this set for him, and will do so with youngest when it is his turn. I know their own traditions will take place, and suddenly become ingrained over time, but I'm glad we have had this with them for this time.

These have assuredly become our favorite Christmas movies.


  1. Oh... I've been wanting to watch a Christmas movie for weeks now. This is just wetting my appetite. :)

    1. Aw, sweetie, I hope you get your fill before the season ends. :D


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