Celebrate me home...

How many times have you heard that song and simply marveled that the lyrics don't make much sense at all? Even reading through them I think... well, it sort of makes sense... but it's just worded so... badly??

But of course, I am no Kenny Loggins, so who am I to speak?

I can tell you what I have looked forward to the most this holiday season was my oldest coming home. I'm still letting go, I guess, and I am grateful he is so close at this time, because soon he will be very far. New normals are always hard to get your hands on at first, because it truly does take time for things to fall into routine.

Holidays were always a grand time with cousins, aunts, and uncles. We would play inside and out for hours. We would go to the beach and the bay, the park and the alleys. We would play "No Monster Out Tonight" and sneak bites of the sweets my aunt always brought. We would play hide and seek in the house, even when we weren't supposed to. Oh, there was love, laughter, and memories wrapped up in that house. They had paved half the front yard so everyone would be able to park. But it all was so normal.

Now I'm the adult, and my two are like my oldest cousins. A good 17 years older than the rest, starting their personal lives as the younger ones are just starting to walk. It's different, and strange, and while my sister and her family are standing in line waiting to see Santa, I'm standing at my door waiting for my boy to come home.

So, yes, give me plenty of memories to hold onto when you aren't here anymore. And I hope we make those for you as well. May the songs we hear, the movies we watch, the games we play, and the food we eat bring memories fond and close to our hearts when we experience them again. May our celebrations carry over into the future, always celebrating even when we are a little lonely or sad. But now, let's simply celebrate and enjoy and laugh and have fun. Let's keep this time special in our hearts to be recalled. Let's make those memories that will last a lifetime. Come, celebrate me home.


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