You're looking in the wrong place

Let me take a step back for a moment, because I know what a lot of you are doing. You are looking for that love in humans. The love which is always there, never leaves, remains constant, and is fulfilling. You are looking for it in friends, boys, children, and good deeds. You hope you will get something similar to it from the praise and applause you get from those around you. But that will never happen.

The friends will find new paths.
The boy will break your heart.
The children will disobey.
The good deeds will not be noticed.
Enough praise and applause will never come.

How long do you search on this earth for something you will never find here? As long as you expect humans to give you what only God can you will be unfulfilled both with yourself and others. You can’t even love the way you want others to. You will be left feeling embittered, angry, unloved, and alone. You deserve more than this.

jeremiah 31 3

So, how do you balance it all out? You don’t. What you do is simply lean into God. Let His perfect and abiding love pour over you, through you, and out of you. Find your fulfillment in Him, and then find relationship with the people. Find your joy in him, and then do the things that come your way. Set aside time to hear from him in regards to what you should do, and what you have done. Let Him be your glory, praise, and applause.

When you receive the love He has to give you, you will find yourself more content, more at peace, and with more joy. Please know:

Friends will still find new paths.
The boy will still break your heart.
The children will still disobey.
The good deeds will still not be noticed by people.
And the only praise and applause which will be enough will come from God.

But through these hard times His love will sustain you, and you will be able to look at the situations with a heart full of love. This will make all the difference in the world. You see, when you learn to accept His love as the only love which matters, then the love of others seems to be more precious, and the love you pour out seems to be never ending. Everything changes when you are looking at it through His love.


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