Not Jeremiah, but God's

Wait, wait, wait! You can’t do that.

What? What did I do wrong?

Jeremiah 1 5a You took that verse totally out of context. You didn’t even use the entire thing. You cannot pick and choose verses to support what you want the Bible to say. You have to hear what the Bible is saying. Jeremiah 1:5 is God appointing Jeremiah as a prophet. What does that have to do with us?

What, indeed, for we are no Jeremiah, but we are God’s children.

What does that have to do with anything?

Do you think Jeremiah was the exception? God knew Moses before he left Egypt, much less where to find him in the desert. God knew David was king before he came from the field, and knew what he had done against Bathsheba and Uriah. God knows us just as He knew these people.

They were kings and prophets. Of course they were known by God. I’m not a prophet.

So, you think you are an exception?

No, I think they were. God cares about those who make a big difference. The rest of us He doesn’t have time for.

Then explain to me how God knew Hannah’s heart as she cried out for a child? Why did He hear Hagar as she cried out for her child? God knew where they were, He knew them. He took care of them. They were not prophets and kings, but mothers. And there are many other examples of people who were not powerful on this earth, but God still knew them.


No, no buts. Did I use only part of Jeremiah 1:5? Yes, I did. Only part of that verse applies to us. I cannot say if you were called to be a prophet, but I can say you are known by God. Intimately. He knows when we sit and stand, he knows when we lay down. He knew us before we were born and created us in our mother’s womb. God knows us just as He knows the rest of His creation.

Yes, we are His creation. He knows the very fiber of our being. That new thing about yourself you just learned? He taught you. He couldn’t wait for you to grasp a little more of what He created you to be. He accepts you as you are. He watches as you come into your own, and gain more and more understanding of who you are. He is thrilled when we figure out we are quiet, or loud. He loves to watch us read, and dance. He wants us to be the very best us we can be, which is how He created us.

And when we fall, His hand is the very first to help us back up. He puts us back on the path when we are ready to return. And His love is never ending. Oh, yes, He knows us.

No, we aren’t Jeremiah, but we are no less God’s than he was.


  1. I can't help thinking of my favorite Psalm as I read this- Psalm 139. "You knit me together in my mother's womb, I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made, your works are marvelous, I know that full well". I love how God chooses to use each one of us for His unique purpose and He never sets a hierarchy of who is more important.
    I love this post, Stacey and the way you handled it.

    1. Psalm 139 is coming, but verse 23. :) I love how God chooses us uniquely too! Thank you my dear.


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