Neither NEVER nor ALWAYS

Life can get crazy, but no more so than when I am trying to control something. You may laugh, but especially myself! It seems I have said this several times over the past week, and so I wanted to put it here to remember. Because I'll need to reread it one day I am sure.

I have often been the type of person who is all or nothing. Finding a middle ground was hard, especially in defining myself. I would be all in with both feet, or running in the opposite direction looking for something else. I'm coming to understand that it doesn't have to be that way. I do not have to ALWAYS do something or NEVER EVER do something again. I can go with the flow. I can feel the tide of my soul.

No more area in my life has shown this than my crafting and writing. I have a tendency to swing on a pendulum from one extreme to the other, but this time I'm not doing that. When I felt the panic start to settle on my heart regarding my writing, I stopped for a moment. Panic is my nemesis, and has a tendency to make me behave badly. But this time I waited, thought about it, and just went with it.

So what if I don't write anything for a week?
So what if my journal sits empty for a while?
Who cares if I don't actually make a list of all those excellent topics?
Do I really need to worry if anyone thinks I should write this way or that way?

And then there are the crafts.

Should I declutter all my scrapping supplies because I don't scrap?
What about the extra yarn which never made it into a project?
Maybe I should simply give my sewing machine away to someone who would use it more.

But the thing is.... I do write, I do sew, I do yarn, I do scrap, I do all these things. Some days hold a majority, and some days hold none.

But that's okay.

Through the Thanksgiving holiday I didn't write very often. I had time, and ideas came into my head, but nothing went down on the screen or paper. When Captain is home I have a hard time sewing because it takes me out of the room he is in. I also have a hard time writing depending on what is on the television. (Thank heavens for Pandora) But in the past when I would have said, "OH I can't do it all so I wont do it at all" this time I simply embraced the down time, and went with the flow. Knowing that the pencil, the keyboard, the book, the hook, and the scissors would all be picked up again; one day.

So, are you having a struggle with what you should do? Do you regret not being able to do this because you are busy doing that? Rest. Do what is before you, and I think you will find you will come back to this in time. And that needs your attention right now anyway.

Love you friend.


  1. this is so me. :) totally an all or nothing type too.

    i often joke - so many projects so little time. like you, i'm learning that it's ok to go with the flow and do whatever feels right in the moment.

    good advice to remember this time of year when we are pulled in so many different directions. this is me taking a breath. :)

    1. LOL Yes!! This time of year especially. :) I'm breathing with you. ;)

  2. Gah! I like NEEDED this 5 Days ago! :) Love you ...thanks for your obedience and encouragement: when it gets here it's always right on time!

    1. And thank you! I needed to be reminded of this post just now.


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