Accept it, delightfully so.

So, how much does God love us? Is that the question you ask? He loves us no more, no less, but how much? This will thrill you!

He delights in you.

What? Yes! Really!! Imagine for a moment, the look the groom has as the bride heads down the aisle. He sees her for the first time in her dress. She is beautiful to him. She shines with her love for him. His heart skips a beat, and a tear fills his eye at the emotion he feels as he sees her. He feels great pleasure and joy at just the sight of her. He delights in her.

Oh yes. God delights in you, my friend. He loves you so much. This is not a guilt thing he does because he brought you to the earth. This is not shown in the earthly things you have; he does not buy your love.

He simply loves you.

He rejoices over you.

He sings over you.

It’s hard to fathom? I understand. But it is no less truth. He loves you and everyone you know that much.

Zephaniah 3 17


You came to a stop, didn’t you? Again, it’s hard to imagine. No, just hear me out. If God’s love for you is not dependent on what you have or have not done, then the same goes for everyone you know. Even the people you don’t like. Just as a father does not love one child more than another, God does not love us more than another.

And this doesn’t seem fair, does it. We want to be the special one. We want to be the favorite. We want to be noticed for how good and righteous we are now. But there is no comparing, remember? There is no better than. There are only children of God living our lives as best as we can, thankful the God of Heaven, our Heavenly Father, loves us so completely, devotedly, and delightfully.

Accepting how much God loves you means you have to let God love others just as much. As long as you are judging them unworthy, you will find yourself unworthy too. Please, let it go. And accept his love.


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