Prayer questions

How many prayers does it take to get an answer?

Do the prayers of a team go higher than those of a lone soul?

Is it how it rips ones heart?

Do you have to be righteous? Or is it after a certain number of prayers before you get an answer?

When do you realize the answer may be no?

My heart cried out last night to God. I felt as bereft as I have in the past few months. My youngest was sick. It was nothing that took him to the hospital. We weren't looking for answers or remedies. But I needed him somewhere as did his older brother. I needed the entire family together. I needed him healthy.


And I cried out to God.

I was reminded of what I have been learning. God is in control. God is God. And normally this is where guilt has kicked in before and my prayers would have simply stopped. Did I trust any more? I don't know. Was that my answer? Possibly. But this night I continued. Reminding God how much he needed to be healthy. How desperately I needed him there.

But I do not think my prayers were any more desperate than other parents'. So why would what I thought I needed matter? Did it?

But he was better in the morning. And I am so grateful and so thankful and so joyful. But I wonder.

There are other children whose parents need answers.
There are other children whose parents are desperate in their prayers.

Sometimes I wish there were rules to all this praying stuff. Is it simply a conversation with God spilling our hearts? Is it intersession from the Holy Ghost who pleads our case to God? Do the multitude of voices matter as we cry out? Am I enough to be heard on my own? Even if I'm not righteous?

And I'm left with the only thing I know. It's a mystery. Prayer is a mystery in which I do not know the answers. So I do what I can by crying out to my God who is in control and has grace and mercy and plans and will. For all the children. Because I can do nothing else. Because He loves us.

And even when the answer does not seem to be evident, all I can do is pray to the One who holds the stars.

(I've had other thoughts about prayer, too. Prayer Songs ~ Transparency ~ Not One Time )


  1. I don't have the answers either... I don't know why some prayers are answered and some seem to go left unresponded to.

    But, when I get in that spot of "why would God care when other people have much bigger prayers?", I remind myself that God is a really really big God. And He can cover both the prayers that a broken mother is praying for her dying child... and my piddly little prayers... both at the same time.

    1. He certainly is God on both big and small scale. Thank heavens!

  2. I wish I had the answers for you. Awhile ago, I realized this: I want our children to talk to us, and ask us for anything. I may not be able to give what they ask for, and maybe not at that time, or in the way they want but I want them to always be honest, and ask.
    So I keep talking to Him, and asking, and listening. I think there is an element of this that we will never understand this side of heaven, but I do trust Him...I know it always, always comes down to love.

    1. He is that, isn't He? Always love.

  3. this is the great question, no? personally, i do believe that prayer is communication with God. but i also struggle with praying/wanting so much for my friends and family not to suffer. and yet....

    i just have to trust God. trust that He has a plan. trust that His plan is a good plan. i don't know any other way.

    love, kelly

    1. It makes me think of the Psalms. Those were some of David's prayers to God, yes? But did he really want God to strike down his enemy or did he simply want God to hear and understand? Who knows. Thanks Kelly.


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