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Over the past few years I have been in a position to learn more about myself. When I say that, does it sound selfish? I hope not, because I am learning the more you know about yourself the easier it is for you to be in this world. I learned I have been or am:
Some of those definitions can change, and some wont. Some I can work on, and some I have to learn more about. Some are the way I work in the world, and some can change by how the world works on me.

Revelations are funny experiences. When they come along the information you receive seems so right you wonder if you didn't really always know it. Sometimes there's no hard point or line drawn in the sand, but just a knowing that came upon you like the sun rising. Sometimes it's like a bell sounding which startles you and makes you look in an entirely new direction to see something you've never seen before. My revelations have come in both ways.
  • I always thought introverted=shy, but now I know they are two distinct different things but can come together. Shy means I get nervous around people I don't know, and sometimes around people I do know. I get slightly anxious and worry about doing or saying the wrong thing. (I know, I do.)
  • Introverted means after being out in the company of people or life, for me to recharge I need some silence and solitude. Larger events require more recharge time.
  • People pleaser to the extreme means I have bent over backwards in order to keep people happy in the past. This is one of the things I'm working at not doing anymore. (To the extreme.) I did this in safe relationships because I learned to do it in unsafe relationships. Now that I'm putting boundaries up in the unsafe relationships the safe relationships are actually becoming more freeing.
  • Being highly sensitive is a new term for me, maybe the newest of the list. I have learned to adjust in a world that doesn't deal with with highly sensitive people (and introverts by the way) but I still have many characteristics that fit me.
  • Being positive probably isn't the best choice for this last section, but I was at a loss. Maybe it's still being defined? I just know I determined when I decided to stick with taekwondo for me that I would not do it in a way that wasn't me. I laugh. I giggle. I enjoy life. I'm happier when I do this. (Please know this does not mean I don't ever get down. I do.)
Knowing these things about myself will help me in making decisions in life. This doesn't mean I wont ever have to get up in front of people in speak. I have done that (who knows if I will again) but what I do know now is that it's okay if I get anxious, and require time afterward to recover/recharge. I may still end up in a really large crowd at some pizza place for a birthday party, but I may not overstay my time there. Understanding me helps me be out in the world, and helps me be there for others better as well. It's hard to be supportive for a friend if I have worn myself down with no recovery time between events.

Best of all, I am able to fight fear a little better. When I know more I have less to fear because nine times out of ten my fear is the fear of the unknown. Now I may not know everything going into a situation, but if I know how I am likely to respond, and how to recover from the time, I can rest in that knowledge.

I'm still learning a lot about me and what I have found out so far. It's interesting how life fits together and seeing puzzle pieces fit nicely gives me a sense of freedom and peace. Knowing God made me for a purpose and made me the way I am helps me to accept myself a little better. I'm working on doing so with all the quirks about me, even if they haven't been labeled yet.

What have you learned about yourself lately? How has that helped you deal with the world you live in? How has that helped you help the world you live in?


  1. I think the learning and knowing is very important. I feel like I spend a lot of time on being self-aware and I think it helps me grow. I recently realized I am a macro kind of person. That is, I approach life and my art up close. I work up close, I attach to people, and I seem unable to keep a distance. (A revelation in that, small as it is: I like Facebook because I feel more connected; I hated Twitter because it felt distant and unattached.) I've been journaling this out, trying to understand how it moves me through life. :)

    1. I understand that. It's funny because I get to meet new people on Twitter, but I can't seem to get on there on a regular basis. But yes, being self-aware helps us deal with others better.

  2. I could not agree with you more when you say we must know ourselves! I know more about myself now than at any other time in my life...this is helping me hone in on how I can use my skills to serve Him in the next stage of life! It is so important to know how we rejuvenate best. I NEED to be with my family in order to re-charge. Without them I am a mess :0)!

    1. Oh right?? I so get and understand that recharger!!


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