Being known

Jeremiah 1 5a
She stood there in the middle of the room simply looking at everyone. They laughed and talked with such ease. How in the world could she feel all alone in the middle of all these people? And yet, that was where she was. Alone.

“They think you’re a bit of a snob.”

Those words hung on years later, and she worried those who surrounded her now thought it. She didn’t think she was better than these people, oh no, in fact, quite the opposite. She simply didn’t feel as if she belonged. She didn’t feel as if anyone really knew her.

As she stepped to the door she made eye contact with one girl who smiled. She smiled back but kept going. She simply needed some fresh air, a chance to breathe. How she hoped she would be able to return as the life of the party with a moment’s respite. She looked at the stars. So many. She felt smaller than ever.
My dear one, you are not alone. I am with you and I know what you need more than anything. I know the stars. I see the sparrows. I have counted the hairs on your head. Yes, the ones you complain about every other day. You are mine, and I do know you.
You don’t need to be the life of the party. That’s not what you were made for. You simply need to be who you are. That deepest part needs to come out because I made you to bless others with it. I know how you are, and it’s okay. There is still a place for you there.

She wiped the tears away as she heard the footsteps. Looking towards the sound she saw her friend coming. The one who smiled. The one God sent.

“Come on. I know you can do this. You want to do this. I’ll be with you, so just relax. Be you and they will love you.”

She did want to know the other girls, and she wanted them to know her. But mostly, now, she found she was grateful; grateful for the God who knew her better than any. He knew her well enough to bring this friend who would be His hands as they returned to the group.

She found being known by the One made it a little easier to get to know the others. Some of whom were just like her.


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