The bothersome things

The tile was cool and my head needed to rest there for just a minute. My eyes didn’t find the little creepy crawly at first. As I did I laid there watching it crawl it's web. I wanted to take care of it but couldn't force myself to move at that moment. No matter, I knew it would require my attention eventually.

This one was nothing to the gigantic spider that somehow squeezed its way through the door last week. That’s what they do, yes? Or they magic themselves through the windows when we aren’t looking. People, I could see his fangs. Moving. I didn’t tell hubby about that one, and thankfully the boys helped me take care of it. You would think spraying the house nearly every week would keep them out. But it’s so hot. This heat will drive anything to a little coolness, even if it means crossing a poison barrier. He was so big he probably tiptoed across the line. *Reminder- Make the line wider.*

This spider in the kitchen however was small; the tiny kind which you wonder what they survive on. Maybe it was the sugar ants which had been marching in different areas of the home. Thankfully they were gone, and the spider would be soon, too.

But not then. My goal was to make it to the bed for the night. At that moment all I could do was rest on the tile floor waiting for the pain in my stomach to ease. It keeps me bent over double, but I know relief will kick in soon. It has in the past. It wasn’t until I was married that these pains started creeping into my life, and the doctor made it quite clear it was from worry and stress. I’ve learned since those might not be the culprits, but the pain does seem to flare in these times. These times where the giant things are dealt with as best we can, and the small things are overlooked for now.

The next morning I swept and vacuumed the entire house. Then I sprayed again. Hopefully that will keep the troublesome bugs out for a while.


  1. Oh I SO understand the large creepy spiders we had a few lately and oh my goodness they were massive. (no not tarantuala's but big) like a 50 cent piece size. egads it gives me the creeps.
    I smash them if I get the courage. If my hubby is home it is his job. (protect your wife :0} We spray for them too and also spray for ants.
    Somehow they do creep in.
    Hope you get to feeling better soon.

    1. Thank You. It's my job around here to kill them. Well, the boys help. :)

  2. My Hubby us a "pest control technician" AKA an exterminator. I often remind him NOT to bring his work home with him. I despise creepy crawlies of any kind, though sine moving to the woods I can manage to flick a daddy long leg every now and then. When we lived in Brooklyn, NY we had gigantic, disgusting things we called water bugs! They were black, shiny, and about TWO inches long. These are not the same as southern water bugs. These are like cockroaches...and they crunch. AHHHH! I have chills typing that.
    I don't get why Gus uses bugs to humble us so??? I know I will ask that when I get to heaven.
    My hubby also suffers from Chron's disease and his number one trigger is.....STRESS! Since figuring this out he has been working on becoming a responder not a reactor. He announces things like "I have to get my ZEN on!"
    The stomach pain from his illness is excruciating and has landed him in the ER several times.
    Whatever is causing your pain, I am praying you find answers and peace as well as a big 'ole bug barrier so you can lie on your kitchen floor and regroup without things with pincers getting in the way.
    Cyber Hugs...

    1. It's me worrying about oldest. How often I have told myself not to worry is craziness. Hopefully I will eventually learn, LOL. I'd feel better if he were like yours going with someone he knew, sister or not. :)


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