Sharing from my mistakes.

For those of you who have been with me through my many years of writing on a blog, thank you. I know I have made many mistakes and I appreciate you sticking it out with me. Thankfully I did learn some lessons about blogging through those experiences. Today I am thrilled to be over at Allume talking about my mistakes and lessons; I am focusing on blogging with consistency. I may not be a big blogger, but I can assuredly say I am an older one.

(Me in preschool or kindergarten. Not quite blogging yet.)

When I was growing up we moved a lot which meant I was often the new girl. My mother taught me the best way to make friends was to be consistent and keep showing up. I learned others would trust me to be who I was, but sometimes it would take a little bit of time. Over the past nine years in the blog world I have learned the same can be said about blogging.

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  1. Hey Stacey!

    I came to find you. I waited until today (or God had me wait until I could receive the message He has for me through you) to read your Allume post on consistency because something in me knew it was going to be a message I needed to sit with for a while...not glance and go...but really sit and soak.

    I am a new blogger. I'm a writer by design and a blogger by necessity! If I don't get out of my head and heart what God is doing in there...I promise I'll explode! So, I'm learning from folks like you.

    And I'm committed to a short list of things:
    1. Seeking to glorify God.(hard at times)
    2. Being real.
    3. Not being "big" or "successful" for the sake of "bigness" or "success"
    4. Learning from my mistakes and the mistakes of others.
    5. Again....being real.

    So I will follow along with you...and if you have advice to share, please do. Also...pray for me as I've been led to write a study for my church...and I'm scared and excited...and did I mention terrified?
    Thanks again for this word.
    Lorretta/Dancing On The Dash

    1. What an exciting opportunity! Thank you so much, Loretta, for dropping in.


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